UBi (Universal Business Innovation) Profile Overview UBi is a global leader in providing innovative enterprise solutions powered by leading edge information technology. We specialize in exploiting information technology innovations, establishing international business collaborations and executing strategic enterprise investments across a broad range of hi-technology industries-including information and communication technology, advanced engineering, green technology, public services and health services. Our solutions and services enable the world of international business accelerate high-growth in global markets. Our Mission UBi continually explores international business collaboration opportunities, exploits hi-technology innovations and executes the best practices in enterprise investments. Our success in these areas keeps us at the forefront of the industry for nearly a decade. Our 'Customising Technology Innovation for Universal Business' strategy builds on our expertise in international business. Our global delivery capabilities help our clients to generate high-growth businesses and to create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. We mobilize the right resources, right skills and right technologies across our global networks catering for business opportunities and technological trends. We help our clients around the world to: -improve business performance, taking advantage of our proven international business expertise -deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently, exploiting leading-edge technology innovation -grow in existing markets and enter new markets across the world, capitalizing on enterprise investments best practice UBi has consistently and successfully delivered innovative enterprise solutions tailored to a wide range of hi-technology industries across the world. Our international clients benefit from our global networks and unparalleled capabilities to deliver highly complex enterprise solutions. Our Strengths Among the many competitive strengths that distinguish UBi in the marketplace are our: -global networks across Europe, Asia and North America, empowered by our expertise in international business collaboration -extensive hi-technology industry experience, combined with our practical enterprise solutions capabilities -proven results in unifying innovative solutions and customised realisation, supported by our strategic investments Our experience has guided our international clients through the maze of constant business and technological change, while maintaining a focus on accelerating business growth worldwide. Our People Our people are the very best in the industry and we work collaboratively across the globe to deliver the tangible business value to our clients over the world. Our global leadership team based in UK is composed of recognised industry leaders in delivery of the world class enterprise solutions powered from leading edge technology innovations. By capitalizing on our global expertise in international business collaboration, innovative enterprise solutions and strategic investment services, we work collaboratively with our clients in leading businesses across the world to achieve strategic goals and tangible business results. UBI has a unique way of working with its clients called the Universal Business Innovation. The Universal Business Innovation is designed to work in collaboration with our business partners and our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results through seamless access to our network of world-leading technology partners and collaboration-focussed methods and tools. Through commitment to mutual success and the achievement of tangible value, we help businesses implement growth strategies, leverage technology, and thrive through the power of collaboration and innovation. Our Culture&Your Career At UBi, people really are our greatest asset and fundamental to our continued success and our ability to be the market leader in many key areas. We place great emphasis on professional training and the career development of all our people. We tailor individual career paths to offer you the widest possible range of career options. Our uniquely supportive culture, working within a peer group that includes the very best people in the industry, will help you cultivate a personal, technical career path with possible opportunities to cross-train to the exciting new technologies or to develop your management skills. Working with UBi, you will have the opportunity to work in different project teams on behalf of clients from a diverse range of market sectors. Our broad based regional focus means that there are opportunities to develop your career throughout the world. UBi values each employee on their contribution to the business and offers an environment where all employees can progress and achieve a satisfying career based on merit and ability alone. UBi acknowledges that everyone has a different background and values and that the diversity this generates stimulates creativity, innovation and a breadth of perceptions within our organisation. In turn, this keeps the pool of our skills, knowledge and experience fresh, fostering greater effectiveness in our business and in the services we provide to our clients. At UBi, we offer you an opportunity for a career-not just a job. We want you to be successful because that is good for you and that is good for us. Success depends on our working together using initiative and effort-a responsibility shared by you, your manager and the company. As a meritocracy, your promotion and career progression is based upon your performance. UBi China Green IT Positions At UBi, exciting careers and a stimulating workplace come with a great sense of belonging. We invest in creating an environment where the most talented, qualified people want to be-and stay. We are committed to helping you achieve your potential and are continuing attracting the best people in the industry to join our world class team. Find out about the different kinds of exciting opportunities available to you in our major areas. Please contact us by e-mail. IT Development Careers in UBI -Analyst Programmer -Application Developer -Business Systems Analyst, -Change Analyst -IT Consultant Programmer -Software Developer -Software Engineer -Software Test Engineer -Software Release Engineer -SQL DBA -Web Developer. IT Operation Careers in UBI -Computer Support Engineer, -Database Administrator, -Network Engineer -IT Support Engineer -Operations Engineer, -Operations Manager, -Support Analyst -Support Engineer -Systems Engineer, -Technical Support Consultant, -Technician 展开
本公司从事证劵投资理财产品的研发和销售,诚聘。 展开 公司地址:北京时间国际大厦A座2206室 (邮编:000000) 地图

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